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Family values and Sincura concierge service
We're excited to tell you about the fantastic pre-New Year's celebration that the Sincura concierge service organized for their employees' families... 25.12.2023
High rating from Air China

Vipservice Holding has received the Sales Leader diploma from Air China in recognition of their successful collaboration and productive partnership throughout 2023. The award is an acknowledgment of Vipservice's reliability and operational efficiency, as well as an affirmation of the high standard of services it offers.

The diploma received indicates Vipservice's dominant position in the passenger transportation market and its status as a trusted partner for both Russian and international airlines.


Vipservice Travel summed up the results of the year
On December 14, an event was held at the corporate media center of the holding company Vipservice Travel... 22.12.2023
Nordwind Airlines is connected to the Portbilet system
Vipservice is delighted to announce that a new customer, Nordwind Airlines (N4)... 24.11.2023
Nordwind Airlines Turns 15
December 5, 2022, is the 15th anniversary of Nordwind Airlines... 22.11.2023
FLYONE Connected to Portretix
Another acquisition of the metasearch platform of Vipservice Portretix Holding is a partnership with the young Moldovan airline FLYONE. 09.11.2023
Another Well-Deserved Award from Emirates
Vipservice Holding received an award from one of its key partners, Emirates Airlines, in the Top Selling Agent 2022-2023 category... 25.10.2023
All the Beauty of Turkey at the Istanbul Tourism Fair
Representatives of Vipservice Holding attended the Istanbul Tourism Fair... 19.10.2023
S7 Direct Connection

Vipservice Holding is excited to announce that S7 Airlines has joined the Portretix metasearch platform as a direct partner airline. S7 Airlines offers a rich choice of travel and business trip destinations...

Hamilton Apps enters Kazakhstan market
Hamilton Apps, a provider of cloud apps for managing expense reports and business trips and a subsidiary of Vipservice Holding, has made its debut in the Kazakhstan market... 18.09.2023