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Portbilet TMC Lite is a B2B platform for self-planning and business travel organization.

Platform works on the principles of @ self-service business travel @ - employees independently arrange services online within the framework of the budget policy and business travel strategy of employing companies. All services are collected in a single interface, their ordering is simple and user-friendly.

Among the clients of the platform are Lamoda, Komus, Technonikol, WorldСlass, Asus, Ecco.

Employees can independently arrange services within the framework of the adopted budget policy, travel managers can effectively organize trips for their colleagues, the accounting department can always receive correct documents on time, and management can control the entire business process. Everything is very simple, fast and effective!

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They arrange services for their trips within the accepted budget at any time and from any device.

Travel coordinator

Designing services for your colleagues becomes simple and within budget. The services are easy to manage. All in one place.

Accounting department

One counterparty for all types of services. Clear interaction and the widest set of accounting documents.


Spending on business trips, opportunities for budget savings and violations of travel policies are clearly visible.

Most caring support 24/7

At any time of the day or night, our specialists are ready to help you by phone, e-mail or using instant messengers.

Book for yourself or for colleagues

Choose flights, hotels and other services from a huge variety of trusted suppliers. All in one place!

Create really effective travel policies

Set up flexible automated rules and budgets for different services, and don't waste time on endless compliance checks with company rules.

Get control and financial transparency

Useful real-time reports to easily analyze sparing opportunities and change travel settings.


Which services are avialable?

Book airlines and railway tickets and insurance packages online.

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How to pay?

Replenish the deposit if the organization will pay, or link the card if the traveler pays.

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How to start booking?

All you need to do is register online, accept the Offer Agreement and replenish the deposit.

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Work smarter

Saving time and money is easy, we will show you how


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