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Vipservice for Pharma

Vipservice solution for Pharma was developed by Vipservice corporate business experts specifically for pharmaceutical companies and fully takes into account the specifics of the pharmaceutical business. Get insights and create the perfect business trip for your travelers with Vipservice.

How we help companies

When developing our solution for Pharma, we take into account:

The need for timely business trip data

A large number of remote employees (for example, medical representatives, regional sales managers, etc.);

Combined analysis of travel services - air, railway, transfers, selection of the optimal route scheme

Regular participation in industry meetings and conferences;

Risk Management

Multivariate analysis of business needs and interests of business travelers

Which user groups are included in our solution:

Procurement Department

Department of organizing business travel and events


Finance Department

Department of Security

Solution functionality

Procurement Department:

Travel cost analytics in various sections

Supplier Portfolio Analysis and Supplier Relationship Management

Department of organizing business trips and events:

Absolute and relative travel costs for directions in different time intervals

Forecasting demand for travel services

Management of discount programs, loyalty programs

Ratings of passengers following the travel program;

Analysis of the structure of travel costs by business divisions of the company and drug brands

Travel cost analytics by the number, frequency and frequency of visits to doctors of medical representatives;

Benchmarking within the industry and with other industries

Analytics of data on the map of the movement of travelers


Travel needs analytics and the offer of the best package for a business trip

Definition of patterns of behavior on business trips

Travel Tips

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