Support of your operational efficiency and

business stability with Vipservice

Vipservice for Logistics and Transportation

Vipservice for Logistics and Transportation has been developed by Vipservice corporate business experts and constructed using accumulated experience on business trip management for transport and logistics; it fully considers your company’s specifics.

Receive insights and create ideal business trips for your travelers with Vipservice.

How we help companies

When developing our solution for transport and logistics companies, we consider:

Operational and strategic efficiency of business trip.

Suppliers’ flexible rates and relations with them.

Ideal travel route scenarios.

User groups considered in our solution:

Procurement department

Business travel department


Financial department

Security department

Solution feature

Procurement department:

Supplier portfolio analysis and supplier relations management

Business travel department:

Business travel cost transparency.

Travel program control and monitoring

Benchmarking within industry and with other branches

Data analysis on traveler route map


Travel needs analysis and offer of a premier business trip package

Travel tips in travels

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