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Forms of partnership

Every customer is unique. Nevertheless, our experience suggests that principal platforms of service organization can satisfy most individual needs. Today you can select the platform that meets most of your requirements.

Service team

A team of specialists in different fields assigned to a pool of customers. Regardless of the type and set of services, the customer is answered by the first free specialist. However, the rules and travel policy of your company are followed.

Online service with Portbilet TMC OBT

Portbilet is a simple and effective on-line solution for ticket search, reservation and sales and for optional services. Being a global portal integrated with largest GDS, Portbilet has an intuitive interface. By logging into their personal cabinet and using simple navigation toos that require no special professional training, the corporate customer's employee selects the flight or train of interest, checks seat availability and price and makes a reservation.

One stop-shop

A personal manager that supports several customers (max. three).

Corporate customers that employ special staff members for the organization of corporate and business trips are given access to Portbilet, an on-line reservation system.

Implant office

Service offered at the customer's office by one or more ticket and hotel reservation specialists.This type of service enjoys greatest popularity with major businesses with a large volume of orders and complex workflows.

Out-plant office

A personal manager of a team of specialists that support your company.

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