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The best employees of the holding received their awards

The year's end is a time to evaluate our performance. It's a great chance to reflect on the year gone by and appraise everyone's individual contribution to our collective mission. 



We held our annual function at the Vipservice media center on December 22, where we acknowledged our top-performing employees. We customarily acknowledge those who most accurately embody our company's core values: dependability, innovation, and enthusiasm. 


The accolades were handed out by the holding company's general director, Irina Solovyeva. Here are a few of the categories:
  - For establishing and fortifying client relationships
- For streamlining and automating business operations
- For diligent work and meticulousness
- For professionalism and proficient management of foreign exchange suppliers' workflows.



We express our gratitude to all staff members for their dedication and achievements this year. As a team, we've made substantial progress and achieved impressive results. We anticipate new challenges and opportunities in the future, and we have faith in our team's ability to overcome any obstacles.