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Family values and Sincura concierge service

We're excited to tell you about the fantastic pre-New Year's celebration that the Sincura concierge service organized for their employees' families and the families under the care of Zhenya Shokhina's family foundation, Zhivyom. We spent this enchanting day together in a warm and heartfelt setting, delighting in the Family Bakery performance by the actors of Teatr Vkusa (Taste Theater).

The event allowed the audience to delve into the tale of a French baker and his happiness secret passed down through generations, while the festive ambiance fostered a close interaction between the actors and the audience. We aimed to share with our guests a narrative about French family values, the significance of preserving traditions, and the love for one's profession. And judging by the joyous smiles on our guests' faces, we succeeded!

In conclusion, we wish for family values to always be the cornerstone of your life, filling it with joy and love. May the upcoming New Year bring happiness, good fortune, and well-being to every household!