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Forward-looking development

There is an agreement between the Vipservice holding and the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (MSTUCA) for students to undertake industrial internships within the holding.

This initiative has been operational since the previous year. The program involves third- and fourth-year students. As of now, 11 individuals have successfully completed internships. Thus, 4 out of 11 individuals (one third of the total number) have received job offers and are currently employed across various sectors of the holding.

This collaboration proves advantageous for both parties involved. The university gains the opportunity to help its students gain practical experience and potential employment opportunities with industry frontrunners. The clients get an optimal solution for recruiting young professionals by monitoring them during their internships, providing immediate training according to their standards, and instilling them with the company's corporate culture. By employing such individuals, the holding shapes its future competitive edge through development in line with current market trends and demands.