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Clouds and ML in business: the Cloud solution for Vipservice

The Vipservice holding representatives took part as speakers in the "Clouds and ML in business: Cloud customer stories" webinar. The main value of this event was the real fresh case discussion. The reliability and security practice in matters of data storage. That is why it allowed participants to better understand which cloud solutions should be right for them, how they could help optimize costs and speed up workflows.

The Vipservice employees and their technical partners faced with the task of obtaining the most flexible cloud IT infrastructure for quickly changing capacities depending on the business objectives of the holding's clients and taking into account demand surges. It was necessary to optimize costs using the IaaS and Paas services.

As a result, migration to the virtual data center was successfully completed in just 3 months! We managed to reduce the cost of information asset ownership by more than 2 times.

Case Cloud for Vipservice