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Digitizing against paper chase

IATA (International Air Transport Association) is committed to making it available to move around the world without paper documents. The Association has developed the industry standards which allow you to arrange everything electronically. There remains just one minor problem - the adoption of the "Recommended Practice for Digitizing Passes" by all countries.

This approach eliminates the need to communicate at the check-in desk at the airport and makes it possible not to take any documents with you at all. The standard helps passengers send all the necessary information (including visa details or, for example, the PCR test results) to an airline in advance, thereby ensuring “paperless boarding”. IATA assures that the process will be convenient and secure, according to them, 83% of those surveyed are willing to share their immigration information with the carrier to expedite clearance procedures.

Vipservice notes that such innovation, if implemented everywhere, will have beneficial effect on the sector of corporate business travelers. There will be special relief for groups. And if now agencies simplify the processes of their clients' stay at the airport by organizing separate check-in counters, then in the future they will be able to provide support also in the process of "online support" when processing documents.