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Jetsharing: new comfort for business aviation travelers

The Vipservice holding has been continuously searching and developing solutions to meet business travelers’ needs. The company is pleased to announce a new service in Portbilet - an opportunity to purchase seats on guaranteed business aviation flights using the jetsharing system.

Aircraft in use : Embraer Legacy 600, Embraer Legacy 650 and Linege 1000. Number of seats from 10 to 18; luggage from 20 to 30 kg. Flight offers a gourmet menu and beverages.


Embraer Lineage 1000 Cabin 1.jpg

Departures and arrivals in Moscow are carried out from the Vnukovo-3 separate terminal. Arrivals and departures at foreign airports are also carried out from specialized business aviation terminals.

 Внуково 3.jpg

Passengers pass all pre-flight screening procedures in the separate comfortable terminal in a pleasant atmosphere. The number of people around is minimal, which is especially important in current reality.


Jetsharing in Portbilet: 

Moscow-London-Moscow on Thursdays; October, 7; November, 26;

Moscow-Nice-Moscow on Fridays and Sundays; October, 8; November, 27;

Moscow-Genoa on Fridays; 8.10-27.11;

Moscow-Dubai on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays; 16.10-27.11;

Dubai-Moscow on Fridays and Sundays; 17.10-07.11.


New Year (price includes one set of ski equipment):

Moscow-Chambery; 26.12, 02.12;

Chambery-Moscow; 09.01, 16.01;

Moscow-Turin; 26.12, 02.12;

Turin-Moscow; 09.01, 16.01;

Moscow-Samedan; 26.12, 02.12;

Samedan-Moscow; 09.01, 16.01.

You can book a separate flight on any date.