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Long-awaited Defense

Two-year training for top-level managers of the Vipservice holding under the MBA program of Higher School of Economics has been completed. After completing a course specially adapted to the specifics of company's business (relevance of all topics discussed and agreed on with Irina Solovieva, general director of the holding), students began to write their theses.



Some people were building teams, while others were developing a project for protection individually, but all topics were directly related to work. Looking ahead, we can say that each of them, based on real practice, will benefit company's business due to empirical results obtained and conclusions drawn on their basis, as well as ideas proclaimed in theses as hypotheses, and subsequently proved.

Finally, the defense day came. The Commission of the HSE Leadership Development Center included:

Lev Vladimirovich Tatarchenko - Chairman of the commission (associate professor, scientific and pedagogical experience in total - 17 years, director of Graduate School of Business / Center for Leadership Development Programs);

Nikolay Yuryevich Soustin - Program director of Higher School of Business at Higher School of Economics, consultant, partner of the Marketorica  agency of strategic thinking; he was heading his own holding  for 18 years - the Stroby Group of Companies; teaches marketing disciplines and business process management courses; teaches at Higher School of Economics, business school of Moscow State University, business school of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, main expert and marketing teacher at the Rosatom Corporate Academy, teaches in other educational institutions. Various consulting and educational projects have been implemented for medium and large Russian companies;

Yuri Vladimirovich Volkov - Senior lecturer at Higher School of Business; scientific and pedagogical experience in total - 20 years;

Dmitry Kuprianov - Head of the Executive master of management in HR program at Higher School of Business, the National Research University Higher School of Economics; CEO of the Basis investment management company; optimized corporate governance systems in large Russian companies.

Irina Solovieva, general director of the Vipservice holding, was also present at the defense. Worried about her wards, she paid special attention to development of ideas presented, backed up, and asked clarifying questions about experiments.

Everyone defended successfully. Three theses with the greatest practical significance for businesses of the holding are especially worth noting: "Formation of a system of advanced financial indicators as a basis for making management decisions of the Vipservice Group", "Development of a chat bot for automating processes of an operating platform for servicing corporate clients of Vipservice" and "Data director responsibility in company’s management in the business travel field. "

MBA training for top management of the company has been paying off. First personnel reshuffles also took place, designed to strengthen holding's position in the market. Further cooperation is on the agenda. In the meantime, the project participants are waiting for the graduation ceremony.