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12 NDC connections in one care package

Vipservice has been developing the NDC standard for data transfer between air carriers and consumers for many years

Today we offer customers a Package of 12 connections, including the leaders in the Russian aviation market (Aeroflot, Siberia, Pobeda, Azimuth and Ural) as well as global carriers (Air France, and KLM), along with unique content that you can only get through us.

Our holding's Transport Aggregator offers a universal protocol and a single "distribution" point to collect the best prices airlines have to offer in a single place that is accessible to our clients. Representatives of our corporate market were the first to jump at this opportunity. A universal access agreement saves time and money on dedicated integrations and enables us to be the first to offer new rates to our clients. 

We are doing this not just for airline tickets — we also work with railroad operators (Innovative Mobility, Belarusian and Kazakh Railways, and Amadeus Content Rail) along with bus operators (Busfor).

We have huge plans for this project, and we are working towards them non-stop. Adventure awaits, and we will tell you everything in the announcements to follow. By investing in new technologies, we have reestablished ourselves as the leading consolidator on the Russian market. By sharing this technology, we open new opportunities to our clients. 

*New Distribution Capability is a new trend in aviation business. This is an XML-based data transfer format developed under the IATA guidance. 

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