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The most valuable thing in successful MICE projects is creativity, ideas and professionalism

At the beginning of 2021, the corporate business Vipservice and the creative agency Katana Event entered into a cooperation agreement. Its goal is to offer clients a new level of MICE events that perfectly combine a creative concept, a clients’ business strategy and the development of their brand uniqueness and identity. Olga Dolgova, managing director of corporate business at Vipservice, talks about the non-standard approach to MICE and the value of creative ideas and creativity in business events.     

We are one of the first to return offline

The corporate block Vipservice became one of the first to conduct offline events now. In a difficult time for the market after a year of the pandemic, we have enough resources and financial stability to help our clients meet live. The organization of such events requires great financial stability, which Vipservice has, careful adherence to safety regulations and the ability to make the event special with a set of unique ideas.  

Live communication better solves business problems: as shown by a survey among Vipservice customers in February this year, only 13% of customers consider the offline format to be effective. We are ready to return offline: we have accumulated expertise in all the intricacies of organizing events, taking into account security regulations, we have our own large store of knowledge in the local and global MICE industry, and, which is especially valuable, during this period we enlisted the expertise of our partner – the communication agency Katana Event.

Vipservice continues to develop the hybrid format, which does not lose its relevance a year after the start of the pandemic: it allows you to invite speakers fr om any corner of the world and scale the event, while saving the organization’s budget.

At the same time, it is important that our team is always focused on creating events, behind which there is an idea and concept that reflects the values of the company.

How to integrate a brand mission into a MICE event?

Creativity in MICE does not start with the question of how to entertain the participant. First, it is important to think about how to subtly weave our client’s brand mission into the program. We study in detail the history of the company and its strategic goals, conduct a detailed briefing with the customer, and only then proceed to the development of the concept. How to develop loyalty among the target audience of a client through a MICE event? What design will allow participants to identify with their peers, industry, company goals and products? What is most important for the client – networking, broadcasting the corporate ideology, standing out brightly among competitors, developing your HR-brand? We always answer these questions before organizing the event.   

The physical components of the event – logistics, budget management – are the basis, without which it is impossible, but for the success and creation of a bright and emotional event, an idea, a single image and a creative approach are very important. You will not be impressed by the quality food and punctual transfer: to be remembered, you need to emotionally fill every moment of the program. Depending on the objectives of the event, opinion leaders are involved who test the company’s product, interactive exhibits are created, and the show program organically complements the message for the target audience. It could be a product line advantage, innovations, the human qualities of the customer’s team or something else, tailored to specific needs.

The Vipservice team strives to get feedback after each MICE-event: how satisfied the participants are with the program, whether they were affected by the idea of the event and how they were involved in communication. Understanding what customers like over and over again helps to successfully win tenders – after all, the client feels when he is being offered a professional live product.   

Power in creative creation and people: about the partnership between Vipservice and Katana Event

Our faithful companion in the creation of conceptual events has become the Katana Event agency: we have been cooperating for many years and have now signed an agreement on strategic partnership. This means that the client will see even more thought out to the smallest detail MICE events with a wow-effect: there are immersive concerts, installations, and masterclasses within the framework of the brand’s ideology. We have our own competence in show-programs, but new resources will help scale such creative projects.  

The strong point of the Vipservice and Katana Event collaboration is a unique team of specialists. Creative producers, scriptwriters and experience designers are involved in creating a corporate event together with professionals who know the alphabet of organizing impressive events fr om A to Z. Often a team of up to 100 people works on one event, wh ere everyone is responsible for their own separate element: it resembles a jazz composition, wh ere each musician clearly knows her or his part, but at the same time there is place for improvisation. At the exit, the client gets a lot of positive impressions from the participants.   

MICE projects of the joint team Vipservice and Katana Event combine creativity, live communications and professional project-management to form and maintain audience loyalty to the brand of each of our clients.