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The pandemic has added "daily" meaning to many of the concepts of development that were considered fashionable until this moment, but far from most companies. Digital transformation, as the key to sustainable leadership of the company, has ceased to be the lot of the big and the rich; it has become a common challenge for everyone who wants to become or remain a noticeable part of the post-pandemic business landscape. In this regard, a data-oriented approach to management (data-driven decision making) is a prerequisite for the transition to a digital company model. Companies that recognize this need and restructure their management models are gaining market advantages.

“Now is the era of new business models, a different culture of the company,” comments Galina Polishchuk, who strengthened the Vipservice top management team. Before joining the holding, she knew a lot about the company. Nevertheless, by her own admission, she was pleasantly amazed at how clearly the operating system was built, at the depth of the transformations made over the past few years. 

Galina herself brought a unique baggage to the company, which includes 25 years in business travel "from the head of the operational department to the director of sales, customer service, marketing, PR, and business development." This is knowledge of all agency work, literally "from A to Z", and the experience of building an IT company within the group. But the most valuable "place" in this baggage is occupied by the colossal volume of feedback from customers collected over many years, which now allows us not only to understand, but to anticipate customer expectations. And as a "cherry on the cake" to this wealth of combination of customer development, product management and general management - additional training at Skolkovo under the digital transformation program.

“Without Data, without analytics, without building ecosystems in our multi-transaction business, further development is no longer possible. And it is important to note that I did not come to the holding "on a bare field": a lot of work has been done both in terms of data quality and in the field of visualization, BI and predictive analytics are working - these are powerful competitive advantages, and my task is to develop them, as well as introduce new modern solutions ”, continues Galina Polishchuk.

The key tool within this mission is its own product Vipservice - the OKO predictive analytics platform. Launched last year, the system is designed to attract the attention of leading local and international corporations operating in the Russian market. Data mining and visualization, integration with multiple data sources, a unique methodology - these are its main characteristics that allow clients not only to generate reports on their business travel costs, but also to optimize budgets, effectively form programs, compare their indicators both within their own business segment, as well as and with other industries, finding useful insights and solutions. 

“OKO is our main tool, however, not the only one - both in the corporate business and in the holding as a whole, the development of internal and external products continues, which is simply necessary in our age of high speeds, needs to quickly receive information and effectively manage large amounts of data” , says the director of corporate business data.

Now I am conducting a deep audit of what "is" - the types of data collected, the channels of their flow and circulation, solutions for analysis and visualization. This is a very important period both for understanding the existing system and for formulating a plan for moving towards the necessary improvements.

So far, the main challenge is seen as a plurality of systems and solutions involved in the process of transaction movement, some of which are newly created, some are inherited from the past. The second, already identified complexity is the still unsettled general system of data generation and enrichment. The corporate business of the holding has been in constant "movement" for the last 3 years: it has switched from one version of the MBT to another, implemented an automated order management system, added the newly launched HotelStar system, and is working on the transition to omnichannel. Of course, this is just a "boiling cauldron" in which there is no "cold place" for the date specialists. But isn't it wonderful?