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New appointment in Vipservice Holding


January 2021

Vipservice, the largest Russian consolidator in the field of passenger transportation and a leading player in the business travel market, announces the start of a large-scale project, within the framework of which a strategy for the transition to a data-driven enterprise will be developed and implemented. The corporate business of the holding will become a pilot site for launching and working out the strategy. For these purposes, a unified data management center will be created, which will be headed by Galina Polishchuk, who previously held the position of Deputy General Director for Customer Relations and Business Development at Continent Express JSC.

“The data management service in the holding has been operating for three years already. With its introduction, we got a taste and the benefits of well-organized data for making effective management decisions. Today we want to put data at the service of our customers by taking new approaches to doing business and creating solutions that differentiate us from the competition. Galina as the head of this direction is just a godsend: huge industrial experience and deep understanding of client processes, multiplied by fresh knowledge in the field of accounting and data processing, access to the latest innovative tools " - says the CEO of the holding Irina Solovieva.

Galina Polishchuk, data director of the corporate block: “This appointment fits logically into the development of my individual career. I deliberately chose to move from a top manager who was responsible for developing customer relationships to a top manager who transforms those relationships with effectively organized data. I believe that Vipservice and I have coincided in the main thing - the desire to get a joint unique experience of transition from the traditional model of organizing business processes to the data-driven enterprise architecture. "


Information about the holding:

Vipservice Holding was founded in 1993. It is the largest Russian consolidator for the sale of air and railroad tickets, which unites more than 13,000 subagents into a network. The holding is the No. 1 agent of the national carrier Aeroflot and the leading agent of Russian Railways.

The holding today is more than 8 types of business, including a subagent network, organization of business trips, development of IT solutions, an online ticket agency, concierge services, and a training center. As an operator, Vipservice manages a federal network of service centers for booking air and rail transportation, as well as two hotel projects.