We work

to win your heart


New Year's gift to all employees, clients and partners

On the Eve of the new 2021, the subagent business updated its section of the general holding site.

Irina Solovyova, general director of the holding, says that like in any happy family, our holding has many small and large traditions. They keep our integrity in a world of constant change. One of them is a must-have gift of the subagent business to its clients for the New Year. We presented the launch of charters and low-cost airlines in the Portbilet system and put personal Christmas trees for clients in new personal accounts. This year, in a gift box - an updated Internet representation of the subagent on the general holding site. Let's open the box ...

Oh, it's not boring here; about the mission and strategy of the consolidation business

... Vipservice has been carrying the mission “We work to win your heart” for several years. The new site of the Subagent Business is a reflection of our mission and key principles - care for customers and partners, financial reliability, creativity and passion for improving the existing product line and services that everyone should know about. The site also tells about our strategy - further consolidation of the partner network in the Russian market and entering the international arena with a starting point in Germany.

… And lucidly about technological solutions and available services

Vipservice actively monitors trends in the transport industry, and does its best to follow the technological innovations of the market. Therefore, we do not stop in the development and improvement of our IT products - the Portbilet Web system, the HotelStar ground services booking system, CRM, the Transport Aggregator platform, as well as the promotion of the range of services of our partner suppliers, pursuing the main goal of providing modern and convenient working tools to our clients, which provide an opportunity to expand their business and increase sales. Each of them with a description of the key benefits - in separate thematic blocks.

We also sorted everything according to the needs of each of our client groups. For two decades of work and careful observation of the development of various client audiences, we already know exactly what to offer the Ticket Office, OTA or TMC.

And of course emotionally about our corporate life

The website colors, images, videos and inspiring slogans eloquently reflect the emotional component of our aspirations, our mission and principles of work, as well as the spirit that is supported by a united friendly team of like-minded people. We sincerely believe that together with us our partners become stronger, together with our partners we become more successful!

I really want the love and energy that we have invested in the new site to be passed on to you too! Life will become much happier if each of us does what we love. Happy New Year!