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TMC Portbilet - The New Era of Business Travel Reservations

On June 22, 2020, at the Vipservice holding media center, a ceremonial presentation of the updated travel services booking system for corporate business, TMC Portbilet took place. The platform will increase transaction processing productivity up to 10% of current performance indicators and reduce speed of integration with customer IT systems to 1 month.

The event was opened by the opening address of the Director General of Vipservice Holding Irina Solovieva, who emphasized the strategic value of the updated TMC Portbilet for the company.

Then Olga Dolgova, Executive Director of Vipservice Corporate Business, spoke about the stages of the system development and its competitive advantages. The TMC Portbilet is an organic part of the ecosystem of technological products of Vipservice, therefore it easily integrates with the predictive analytics platform OKO, the hotel aggregator HotelStar and others. In addition, the modular design of the TMC Portbilet allows you to remove redundant systems from the transaction chain, and storing all action logs in the system increases the transparency of processes and accounting.

In the final part of the presentation, the participants of the event saw a live demonstration of the system, which was conducted by the technical director of corporate business Sergey Rogozhin. Sergey showed the ergonomic interface of the TMC Portbilet and convenient travel policy and authorization management with a few clicks of the mouse.

The development of the TMC Portbilet began in November 2018. After auditing the current version of the product and determining the key tasks of the project, Vipservice’s own programmers and analysts set about improving the OBT (OnlineBookingTool) functionality for corporate clients. Already today the system has passed combat testing and new clients are connecting to the system.

As the executive director of corporate business Olga Dolgova notes: “TMC Portbilet is the result of the work of a large and well-coordinated Vipservice team. Thanks to the efforts of each participant in this project demanded by business, we were able in difficult times to create and put into commercial operation an updated platform that will help our corporate clients to be even more efficient. ”