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Highlights: financial planning

Cost optimization is a task that any company always faces. How to make the process bring not discomfort (for example, business travelers) but an effective result? Reasonable savings without loss of quality, but with identifying weaknesses, "surpluses" and any inconsistencies.

Alexey Kushkin, commercial director of corporate business at Vipservice, notes that the tasks of analytics are precisely to improve quality and identify opportunities for savings. And the OKO platform of predictive analytics, developed by Vipservice, allows not only to save but to allocate budgets efficiently, while providing the customer with maximum flexibility in decision-making. It enables monitoring and forecasting, helps to see how goals are achieved or identifies the reasons why they were not achieved. At the same time, the platform has an intuitive interface with clear recommendations on business travel management.

“Using an OKO, you can manage data in a few clicks of a mouse,” explains Valeria Svalova, director of consulting practice development for corporate business at Vipservice, whose team was involved in the development of this product. “The platform helps forming a business trip strategy: the user can easily determine his individual scenario for consuming business travel services, compare their company within the market or with other businesses; the needs there which can differ significantly. So, Vipservice has already modeled more than 10 industrial profiles, including IT, pharmaceuticals, retail, industry, construction, etc.”

The comparative analytics system shows trends in the use of aviation, rail services, hotel accommodations in a convenient time section for the user.

The product is developed using the methodology of D.A.R. (dashboard - analytics - report), allowing to see the picture from the general into the details. Thus, the customer receives visual analytics with the drill-down function.

The OKO platform allows you to:

- integrate any data sources

- receive operational analytics on mobile devices

- work with data in a group

The platform is offered to customers as a consulting product - both for those existing and potential. And if we talk about numbers, then the use of OKO tools gives an average of 7-12% savings. Even more significant results are possible if the customer, for example, has not previously worked with Vipservice.

Alexey Kushkin explains that, as you know, most large companies have a complex and multi-stage system for selecting a new supplier, and, most importantly, a very long one - the process of holding a tender and agreeing on all documentation can take up to six months, which may delay the receipt of services. That is why consulting from the strongest team of experts in the market is an ideal solution for them - compliance with approval procedures is not necessary, because the audit and consulting project can be carried out outsourcing.

“Smart spending planning while maintaining optimal conditions for the business traveler - OKO is precisely that effective tool that can provide this,” summarizes Valeria Svalova.