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Vipservice IT product family has become predictive analytics platform

On March 16, Vipservice Holding media center hosted gala presentation of OKO predictive analytics platform. The platform is a consulting tool for managing business trips. Even today, OKO allows making prognoses of travel budget, find economy areas and provide online advice and recommendations to its users. 

OKO predictive analytics platform was being created in the Holding by the team of Russian and foreign consultants and developers for more than 1.5 years. Before creating their own platform, Vipservice experts had made a big research of all the available analytic products and customer needs. Thus, Vipservice has created a new generation analytics platform which provides professional business travel consulting to anyone having access to OKO.

ОКО is a predictive analytics platform which shapes an ideal industrial portrait of the customer and considers their business area. It is this that allows finding suitable business trip management scenarios, optimizing travel budget without harm to travelers’ interests, determine economy area and predict the future, the future travel needs, future expenses and effective business trips. 

око 2.jpg

This solution has been built on the internal methodology. It allows choosing travel trip arrangement strategy based on the “ideal” industrial profiles of the customers, drawing up the budget and shape issue profile, recommend suppliers and offer business trip scenarios excellent for the organization. Today, more than 10 industrial profiles have been modeled in OKO, including those for construction, industry, retail, IT, pharmaceutics and some other business areas.

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The three basic values of OKO platform are truth, wisdom and professional ethics. Vipservice offers the customers precise and updatable data, handling cleverly data issue and professional advice provided by the platform. When in consulting, the company treats customer’s interests with due responsibility.

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ОКО is a project important for Vipservice which allows opening the future behind the numbers. Effective data use is an opportunity to give the Holding’s corporate customers practical recommendations and consulting which will be useful for them when developing business trip strategy. “The data in today’s world have their own value. Strategic management using OKO, based on the numbers and facts, helps looking into the future, see the data spread out before you and take practical decisions concerning business travel for companies in different areas”, – underlines Irina Solovieva, Vipservice holding Executive Director. 

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