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Vipservice celebrated new office opening

On a sunny spring day of 22 April, Vipservice celebrated a much-anticipated opening of the “corporate” floor of the holding. CWT and Paxport employees moved to their new home with European design and state-of-art repairs. Now they are ready to receive first visitors. The ceremony was held in the new office amphitheatre.

The official celebration started with the felicitations from Irina Solovyeva, Vipservice Executive Director. She welcomed the colleagues from CWT and Paxport to the new office and said, “We have constructed this building to give you a new, eager-to-work mood. The most important is to fill the office with the energy of growth and success!”

Then we proceeded to the burial of time capsule with a letter to the reunited holding personnel in 2022 inside. The letter, read aloud by Irina, contained the paramount objective of the company, which is to take the lead both in the domestic and international market. To the applause, the capsule was buried in the amphitheatre wall. It will be opened up in three years to estimate the results of the holding’s activities.

The head of CWT Aleksey Kushkin and the head of Paxport Evgeny Sinitsa, in their turn, expressed their gratitude to Vipservice for an excellent office and promised to work side-by-side towards the common goals. “I am sure, in the new office we will become not just neighbours but a close-knit team,” said the CEO of CWT Russia.

At a traditional housewarming party, you should bring a cat into the house so that people can live there happily. To everyone’s joy, a giant berry cake with a sweet ginger cat on the top was carried into the hall. A little buffet party in a working Monday inspired new neighbours with positive emotions.

That was the first common ceremony in the history of the reunited holding and there certainly will be much more. Vipservice, CWT and Paxport are off to a good start.