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Vipservice organized a “Big Meeting of Friends” for corporate clients

On 27 June 2019, Vipservice organized a “Big Meeting of Friends” for corporate clients with the support of Turkish Airlines, Wine Discovery and StandArt hotel in the very centre of Moscow on the Pushkin Square.

Despite the summer rain and the vagaries of the weather, there were no empty seats in the Lunokhod conference hall - the event became part of the “Re-discovering” project and brought together more than 50 corporate clients of Vipservice.

The “Re-discovering” project is a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of business tourism, which is focused on strengthening the expert community through a combination of interactive education, entertainment and networking practices.

Together with our clients we “unlocked the door” to a new format of communication and improvement of professional competencies, namely, we did not arrange standard presentations, but divided into teams and played an intellectual, but very fun and driving, game Quizium. 

Armed with accumulated knowledge and ingenuity, seven teams fought throughout all seven rounds for the title of the most intelligent and resourceful. The intrigue remained until the very end; the last round was game-changing - the "Red Button" team won the first place, 6 points ahead of "7 brides, 1 groom", which won the second place. "VIP Friends" was the third.


The game was over but no one wanted to go away despite the late hour. Everybody was caught up in the festive atmosphere: great mood and positive emotions. The smiles in the photos speak for themselves, it turned out to be a wonderful evening in a large company of Vipservice friends.

We are pleased to say that the “Re-opening” project was launched top-level thanks to you. We will try to hold such events more often - to combine educational and informative formats, and soon we will surprise you again.

Sincerely yours,
Vipservice team