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“Corporate” Temperature Measurement
Employees of the central office of the Vipservice Holding annually take part in an employee survey to assess level of satisfaction with important aspects of work for the company 27.11.2020
Awesome Offer by Aeroflot
Aeroflot makes an awesome offer for the days of November 27 – 29, 2020 27.11.2020
Vipservice Became a Lufthansa Group Platinum Partner Once Again
The Vipservice Holding once again confirmed its status of a Platinum Partner of the Lufthansa Group of Companies on result sales in 2019 and obtained a new award as well 20.11.2020
25 years Vipservice
Today there is a holiday in the Holding - the company's birthday 07.08.2020
Three whales decided to create a Union and attract professional business travel agencies to it
The largest Russian consolidator in passenger
transportation, the Vipservice holding, the market leader in organizing
business travel Aeroclub and the largest Russian hotel consolidator
Academservice announce the creation of a professional union of companies
providing services in the field of business travel, and call on the rest of the
market to unite
Corporate identity: brand value
Vipservice is the largest organization with a long history; at the same time, it is a
dynamic and modern company focused on European standards of brand development
TMC Portbilet - The New Era of Business Travel Reservations
On June 22, 2020, at the Vipservice holding media center, a ceremonial presentation of the updated travel services booking system for corporate business, TMC Portbilet took place 23.06.2020
Irina Solovieva was appointed Director General of the holding
Irina Solovieva, who previously held the position of the CEO of the holding, was appointed Director General of the holding 15.06.2020
Highlights: financial planning

The OKO predictive analytics platform developed by Vipservice, allows not only saving but also distributing budgets efficiently while allowing the customer maximum flexibility in decision-making

Crisis is the time of opportunities

About how the Vipservice corporate unit manages the changes and develops new services in difficult times, is explained by Olga Dolgova, Executive Director of Vipservice corporate business